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Guides - 20 Sep  

AMD Guide: The Best AMD GPU Money Can Buy


AMD Navi has arrived and it surely has claimed its share of today’s GPU market. The reception of these has overall been applauded with positive comm ... READ MORE

Guides - 14 Aug  

Which AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU for Gaming?


Since we’ve now receive pretty much the entire range of Ryzen 3000 processors here at the office, we also want to find out how they perform in games ... READ MORE

Guides - 12 Jul  

AMD Ryzen 3000 and X570 Explained


With the recent release of AMD’s new X570 chipset it seems like a good time to take a more in-depth look at the new Zen 2 processors and X570 chipse ... READ MORE

Masterbox NR600 miditower
Guides - 17 Jun  

Cooler Master Masterbox NR600 Mid Tower


Cooler Master has lately been releasing a number of cases within various price segments, and in this test we’re having a look at a case from their M ... READ MORE

Graphics Card Guide
Guides - 20 May  

A Graphics Card Guide 2019


If you haven’t been following the hardware scene for a while, it can be quite overwhelming to jump back in today. For this guide, we draw on our yea ... READ MORE

Motherboards demystified: 5 form factors for every need
Guides - 10 Jan  

Motherboards demystified: 5 form factors for every need


Motherboards come in all shapes and sizes. But is bigger always better? We dig deeper into the form factor conundrum. ... READ MORE