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Now, because we are nerds (and not afraid to admit it!), we always try our very best to assist our amazing users with all of their questions, inquiries or issues. At least as many as we possibly can. We believe that everything that relates to the realm of PC’s and PC building is exciting and amazing. But the Motherboard is the central unit, this also means it is one of the most difficult to troubleshoot, and we now this. With our how-to guides, we hope to be able to assist you with many of the typical issues that can arise. Naturally, you are always more than welcome to ask anything in our forums.


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asrock x570 taichi front
Reviews - 16 Jul  

ASRock X570 Taichi ATX


In relation to the launch of AMD’s new X570 chipset and the release of the Ryzen 3000 series, we’ve received an ASRock X570 motherboard, which we ... READ MORE

Review: AORUS Z390 XTREME Waterforce motherboard
Reviews - 25 Feb  

Review: AORUS Z390 XTREME Waterforce


The new AORUS Z390 XTREME Waterforce is out - and it is not for the regular Joe. With a price tag of $900, it will probably be the most expensive moth ... READ MORE