About Olympus.

Olympus is one of the world's leading manufacturers of voice recorders and camera devices. Olympus offers the latest innovative solutions in dictaphones, digital cameras, and scientific equipment. Olympus' high-tech products serve both private and corporate customers in making their lives easier, safer and more meaningful.

Products & Solutions.

At Olympus they develop, manufacture and distribute a wide range of innovative products and professional solutions for different applications. Olympus always focuses on creating user-friendly products with a high build quality and the latest features.

Professional dictation for businesses.

For many years, Olympus has been providing professional dictation solutions for businesses around the world. Its main focus has been on stability, functionality and innovation.

Since Thomas Edison invented the first dictation apparatus, the market has not developed much. The first dictation devices have gone from storing the sound on a vinyl record, to the tape recorder, and later to the computer in DDS format.

With today’s modern technology, dictation has evolved a lot, and now involves speech recognition. This allows words to be converted to text instantly. This feature is also called "speech to text" and with many years of experience, Olympus is well equipped to produce dictaphones that deliver a significantly better recognition of the spoken words, in comparison to the less experienced manufacturers.

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