Processor - CPU

CPU is an abbreviation of Central Processing Unit which is also known as a processor. The CPU is the central device responsible for calculations in a PC and is often referred to, as the brain. In earlier times the CPU was responsible for all calculations in a PC, but in that has changed, and nowadays the GFX is also very important in providing calculations.

The most known manufacturers of CPUs is Intel and AMD. The processing power of a CPU is provided in GHz (former: Hz, MHz). In earlier days, this number was a direct indicator of how much horsepower the CPU delivered. That is not the case anymore, after the introduction of multi-core CPUs and Hyper Threading. AMD were the first to bring multiple cores to market with their Athlon X2. But Intel quickly followed with their Pentium D.
Today, CPUs can have lots of cores, examples of this could be AMD’s Threadripper with 32 cores, or the Intel i9-7980XE with 18 cores.
As you might have realised, picking a CPU can be quite the jungle. You have to pick a platform (AMD or Intel), a motherboard with the appropriate socket, chipset etc.
That is why we, at Tweak Reviews, have implemented a series of filters, which hopefully can help you down the road of choosing the correct CPU for your specific needs.
If you want to view all the CPUs we have tested over the years, you should not pick a filter and thus form a great overview. Do you, however, wish to see something specific, you could choose Intel or AMD under brands.

In the brands dropdown, choose and click on Intel. The other filters work much in the same way. Should you only wish to see AMD CPUs that score a 4 or above, just go ahead and select these values. You can even apply price filters, allowing you to only be shown CPUs with a price below $279.
Should you find that there are no results at all, you can return and adjust your requirements until results start popping up in the search.

If you are ever in doubt what different things mean on our website, you can follow the little how-to buttons. That will lead you to our dedicated area, where we try to explain as much as possible about CPUs - ie. which CPU is better for gaming or how to match CPU and RAM for maximum performance.

In our CPU test section you will be able to find all the reviews of CPUs, that we have done through the years. Remember, we always review products based on our own subjective findings and experiences with the product. That is also why we guarantee untainted stories of how a product performs.

The news button is meant for when you have an interest in reading the latest news about CPUs. It might be very relevant, if you want to form an overview of new products coming soon, or just recent trends and developments.




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