Network is quite the category. In here you will find, among other things, routers, switches, hubs and other network accessories. It can be daunting to go buy a new router, because which wireless standards do you need, and which are supported. Do you need wired connections? and do you need USB plugs on your new network device?

After you have bought your device questions just keep piling on - how do you set up a secure network and do you need firewall enabled in your router? Can you connect your non-wireless printer to the network device or do you need to buy a wireless printer. The questions just keep coming.
As you have probably realised, there are many things that matter when you are investing in new network devices. But fear not!
That is why we, at Tweak Reviews, have implemented a series of filters, which hopefully can help you down the road of choosing the best network device.
If you want to view all the network devices we have tested over the years, you should not pick a filter and thus form a great overview. Do you, however, wish to see something specific, you could choose NetGear or LinkSys under brands.

In the brands dropdown, choose and click on NetGear. The other filters work much in the same way. Should you only wish to see LinkSys routers that score a 3 or above, just go ahead and select these values. You can even apply price filters, allowing you to only be shown switches with a price below $49.
Should you find that there are no results at all, you can return and adjust your requirements until results start popping up in the search.

If you are ever in doubt what different things mean on our website, you can follow the little how-to buttons. That will lead you to our dedicated area, where we try to explain as much as possible about network devices - ie. need for firewalls or the differences between routers, hubs and switches.

In our network device test section you will be able to find all the reviews of network devices, that we have made through the years. Remember, we always review products based on our own subjective findings and experiences with the product. That is also why we guarantee untainted stories of how a product performs.

The news button is meant for when you have an interest in reading the latest news about network devices. It might be very relevant, if you want to form an overview of new products coming soon, or just recent trends and developments.



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