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Samsung's One UI 6.1 jumps on the trend of the times and adds Advanced Generative AI to what should hopefully provide a better user experience. Samsung's One UI 6.1 introduces Generative AI to the Samsung Keyboard. It should provide better language translation, grammar and more.

According to Samsung, it is ready to revolutionize user interaction with the upcoming One UI 6.1 update, bringing a number of Generative AI features to the Samsung Keyboard. This update promises to redefine how users interact with their devices.

Among the prominent features teased by insider leaks include real-time language translation, a wallpaper generator, and note summarization.

The unveiling of One UI 6.1 - Generative AI models in the Samsung Keyboard

Vedant Kalore, a reliable insider, revealed this news through the Samsung Remote Lab that is currently helping developers test One UI 6.1. As shown in the preview video, the Samsung Keyboard will have a new option called "Generative AI," which will allow users to choose between four prominent models:

  • PaLM 2 (from Google): Known for its expertise in language models.
  • GPT-4 (from OpenAI): The highly advanced ChatGPT model for broader interactions.
  • Gecko (a variant of PaLM 2): Google's powerful language model adapted for Samsung.
  • Scs (possibly Samsung's creation): A fascinating proprietary model by Samsung.

Language translation capabilities

An option for live translation should also be one of the featrues coming with the new update. Users will also be able to choose between two language translation models:

  • LLM (Large Language Model): For robust online language translation.
  • On-device Translation: A remarkable offline translation model that ensures functionality even without an Internet connection.

The Future of User Interaction

While the specific capabilities these Generative AI models will bring to the Samsung Keyboard remain a secret, the potential is great. Expect improvements in grammar correction, language translation accuracy, and perhaps innovative text summarization features.

A previous leak suggested that Samsung Notes will offer automatic summation of handwritten notes, giving a glimpse of Samsung's commitment to upcoming AI features. In addition, the built-in Voice Recorder app is expected to recognize up to ten voices and transcribe them, which is ideal for meetings and lectures.

Galaxy S24: A Beacon of AI Expertise?

Equipped with the powerful Exynos 2400 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processors, the Galaxy S24 series is ready to showcase the integration of AI and Generative AI features. Samsung's in-house LLM, Samsung Gauss, is expected to power many AI features on these top devices and set them apart from the competition.

While the tech world eagerly awaits the official rollout of One UI 6.1, the integration of advanced Generative AI in the Samsung Keyboard promises an elevated and personalized user experience if Samsung lives up to its hype.

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