Apple code suggests new Smart Home device

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Apple may be developing a new Smart Home device. The code reveals possible functions and usage of A18 chip. Official confirmation is still pending.

Recently discovered code within Apple's backend systems reveals that the company may be developing a new home accessory. The code, identified by MacRumors, refers to a device codenamed "HomeAccessory17,1."

Specific details are still unavailable, but some clues can be found in the code about the features that could appear on this device. The identifier includes the sequence "17.1," which could indicate the use of Apple's upcoming A18 chip, which is expected to be used in the iPhone 16 series. This means that Apple is abandoning the A17 chipset.

The code also suggests that the device might be running a variant of tvOS (here's the latest tvOS17.6 developer beta), the same operating system currently used by the HomePod. This is consistent with previous reports suggesting that Apple is developing "homeOS," a potential firmware specifically designed for its smart home products.

It is important to note that this information is based solely on leaked code and has not been officially confirmed by Apple. There is also a possibility that September 2024 will see the official announcement of this new home accessory, along with potential updates to the Apple TV range.

In the absence of official confirmation, this leak only offers a glimpse into Apple's potential plans. However, it suggests that the company may be working to expand its smart home offering, with more details likely to be revealed in the coming months.

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