Apple is reportedly developing home robots

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Forget housework! Apple may be developing robots for household tasks. Is this the future of domestic help?

Apple is reportedly moving on from cars to robots? After abandoning its electric vehicle project in February, the iPhone maker is now considering personal robots that could follow you around your home, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The project is said to be in its early stages and it is not clear if the products will ever become a reality. But now that Apple has called off its decade-long attempt to build an electric car, home robots could be the company's "next big thing," people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

In recent years, the tech giant has been exploring new ways to generate revenue, especially as people hold on to their phones longer. It has expanded into subscription-based services like Apple TV Plus and Apple Music, and released brand new products like the Apple Vision Pro — which, with a price tag of $3,500 and not much to offer from the get-go, will likely take years to gain widespread acceptance.

But home robots could offer the company a new way to harness artificial intelligence and gain a foothold in people's homes, Bloomberg notes. In addition to a mobile robot, Apple has reportedly developed "an advanced tabletop home device that uses robotics to move a screen around," the publication notes. The smart display is further along than the mobile robot and "has been added and removed from the company's product guidance over the years," according to the report, as executives have disagreed on whether to pursue that product at all.

While Apple has taken it easy on implementing AI into its products and services, the company could leverage any advances in that area to bolster its rumored robotics offerings.

Apple has also envisioned its robot acting as a video conferencing tool that can navigate on its own, according to Bloomberg, and has even floated the idea of having it perform tasks like washing dishes. Whether these more ambitious features - or even the robots themselves - will come to fruition is unclear. But if they do, it will likely be several years before you have an Apple robot walking around your home.

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