Future Apple TV with camera

Translate from : Fremtidige Apple TV med kamera
Discover Apple's future plans for Apple TV with a built-in camera for FaceTime and video conferencing.

Apple's plans for the future Apple TV are starting to take shape, and it may involve getting a little closer to each other. According to Mark Gurman's latest Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, Apple is considering integrating a camera directly into the Apple TV box, potentially opening the door for FaceTime calls and other video conferencing applications.

This news comes alongside the recent addition of the FaceTime app in Apple's tvOS 17 update. Currently, users can use their iPhones or iPads as cameras for video calls on the big screen.


But a built-in camera on the Apple TV itself will eliminate the need for a separate device. Gurman suggests even more possibilities besides video calls with the camera integration. He mentions "interactive control based on hand gestures," but details remain secret.

There are two potential interpretations: Apple's smart home ambitions extend beyond Apple TV. Gurman also mentions the company's exploration of a "lightweight smart display" similar to a low-cost iPad. This versatile device can move from room to room and connect to charging stations around the house. Apple has reportedly started limited trial production of displays for such a product, but a final decision on the launch is unclear.

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