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Signify introduces a new Music Sync feature that complements the WiZ system, allowing you to get creative and entertaining lighting in any room. The new function makes it possible to make the light change brightness and color in time with the music. A number of new products are also being launched: Smart Fairy Light, for indoor or outdoor use, Smart Dial Switch, a new outdoor camera and GU10 bulbs in glass.

Make WiZ dance to the music

You can now set your WiZ lamps and bulbs to change brightness and color to the beat of the music. The new Music Sync feature uses the microphone on the user's phone or tablet to detect the music and instruct the light to flash, light up and change color in sync with the beat. You can choose from the 9 pre-designed color palettes in the WiZ app and have the light change through the colors.

Whether you're having a party with friends or enjoying a relaxing evening alone, turn on your WiZ light and fill any room with dynamic lighting effects to match your favorite song. As many lamps and bulbs can be added to the Music Sync area as long as they are all connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Smart lamps and accessories that improve daily convenience

The new chain of lights Smart Fairy Light is the ultimate decoration for all indoor and outdoor areas. The 20 meter long light chain contains 160 mini LED bulbs and creates sparkling vivid colors with a gradient effect.

WiZ Smart Fairy Light packaging.jpg

It is a perfect addition to a children's room, balcony or Christmas tree for everyday decor or festive moments. Choose from more than 30 preset static and dynamic light modes in the WiZ app, such as Fireplace, Snowy Sky and Party, that make the home sparkle in cozy and magical colors.

WiZ Smart Dial Switch Lifestyle.jpg

It is now possible to enjoy the convenience of a smart home and at the same time have a familiar way of controlling the lights with the Smart Dial Switch. The Smart Dial Switch comes with a rotary knob and you can dim the light simply by turning the knob straight – exactly like a classic dimmer on the wall. One can also tap the square panel to trigger four light scenes stored in the WiZ app. The Smart Dial Switch is rechargeable with a USB cable, and can easily be placed on the wall or simply placed on a table. The switch can control multiple WiZ lights within a range of 15 meters, and it works even when the home's Wi-Fi is temporarily down.

WiZ GU10 Glass bulb.png

The GU10 bulbs are launched in a new variant with glass and adapted to consumer preferences. The glass range looks familiar, while providing uncompromising light quality and color mixing options.

New WiZ Outdoor camera

After Signify presented the first WiZ indoor camera for home surveillance last year, a model for outdoor use is now also coming to the market. Like its indoor counterpart, the new WiZ Outdoor camera is also capable of detecting both motion and sound and sending corresponding notifications to the WiZ V2 app.

WiZ Outdoor Camera.jpg

In this case, users simply open the app to get a live view of what's happening. Alternatively, the WiZ Outdoor camera is also available in a package with a weatherproof wall lamp which can trigger a light alarm to deter unwanted guests.

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