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If you have had a look at the possibility of synchronizing your light with the content on your TV, but didn't have the courage for an external solution, then there is now an option to do it directly on your TV. It just requires that you have a newer Samsung TV.

Philips Hue and Samsung have joined forces, and now the Philips Hue Sync TV app is for Samsung TV. This means that it will now be possible to synchronize the content on the screen, without the need for an external HDMI box as before.

We have previously taken a closer look at the Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box , which made it possible to synchronize your Philips Hue light with the content on the screen. It simply required that the content was connected via HDMI through the Sync box.

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Unfortunately, this meant that synchronization was not possible if you were simply watching regular TV content or content via Native TV apps, such as Netflix or Disney+. You will have that option from now on with the new Philips Hue Sync TV app on Samsung's TV.

"This is an incredible milestone in our focus on bringing surround lighting to home entertainment and in our ever-evolving partnership with Samsung. We are proud to offer immersive experiences with our new Philips Hue Sync TV app and look forward to bringing surround lighting to living rooms over the whole world,” says Jasper Vervoort, Business Leader Philips Hue at Signify.

Just as with the HDMI box solution, it is possible to set different parts of the experience via the new app. One can set the intensity of the synchronization, adjust the brightness, select video or game mode, enable autostart and more. It is possible via the Hue app on your smartphone to set up an entertainment zone, and choose which lamps in your home should be part of the lighting experience that is synchronized with your TV.

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