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10 light lumen RGB arm podcast cam plates accustic auto focus Streamplify slim fps 14 sound FHD streaming mic
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Whether you are a streamer, blogger, vlogger, Streamplify has the equipment for you. Streamplify is a German company that has ensured that their products meet the needs in a world where streaming, blogging and content on social media take up more space than anything else. But if you want to start up yourself, you can find the whole package at Streamplify.

We have received a combined package from Streamplify, which contains the following:

  • MIC Arm
  • Light 10
  • Light 14
  • CAM
  • Acoustic panel

focus streaming mic RGB sound auto cam acoustic plates FHD Streamplify 10 slim 14 arm fps light lumen podcast.JPG

In this guide we will go through the various products. With what specifications they have, as well as how they can make your streaming a better experience for your viewers. This guide should of course be seen as a guide where you can choose the things that are relevant to what you have to do. A blogger may not need a microphone and webcam, but may only need the light, where a streamer may need the whole list.

All equipment in this guide can be found at .

MIC Arm Streamplify offers two microphones, currently the guide is being written. MIC Arm and MIC Tripod. The difference lies in the mounting, where you either get a microphone arm or a tripod for mounting. Personally, I prefer the microphone arm, it gives a bit more flexibility and gives you the option of having the microphone so it doesn't block the view of the screen.

Specifications of the MIC Arm.

  • Condensation module
  • Pickup Pattern : Cardioid
  • Resolution: 16-bit
  • Sample Rate: 48kHz
  • Frequency Response: 100 – 18000Hz
  • Sensitivity: -36dB (±3dB)
  • Max SPL: 120dB
  • Signal to noise Ratio: -
  • USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to USB-A (180cm)
  • Buttons: Gain, mute, headphone volume

With the MIC Arm, everything necessary to install and get started is included. You therefore do not have to go out and buy a microphone arm or something else. Next to that, you also get a pop filter and shock arm, which usually have to be bought as extra accessories. Here, Streamplify makes sure that you don't have to think about anything else, to get the most out of your microphone.

Streamplify slim fps sound arm streaming focus light lumen plates mic 14 FHD podcast RGB cam acoustic auto 10.JPG The microphone offers two settings, where you can switch between "Full playback podcast" or "One-Way playback gaming".

Streamplify slim fps sound arm streaming focus light lumen plates mic 14 FHD podcast RGB cam acoustic auto 10.JPG

Like the latter, the microphone requires no software and it provides a plug and play experience where everyone can easily participate. The settings that can be made take place in Windows or on the microphone itself.

Hear tests of the Streamplify MIC here.


Streamplify MIC Arm I was able to find a price of 70$.

Light 10

Light 10 is a ring light which should give a better picture. Whether it is for your streaming, where the camera needs a little extra light on you, or whether you need to take a picture of a stationary object where you would like better light. Light 10 is Streamplify's smallest light, which includes a tripod for mounting.

Light 10

  • Size: 26cm
  • LED number: 120
  • Power consumption: 10 watts  
  • Max brightness: 1000lm
  • CRI: ≥90
  • Color temperature: 3000-6000K
  • Color temp level: 3 level adjustment
  • Brightness level: 10 level adjustment
  • Control mode: Wired controller
  • Tripod height: 20-25cm
  • USB charging: No
  • Smartphone support: Yes, Width up to 76mm  
  • Camera support: Yes

Light 10 is particularly suitable for streaming, vlogging, photography and video recording. It creates a light that can help to give a more detailed image, and ensures that the object or you are in focus.

streaming mic acoustic light 10 plates cam focus Streamplify arm 14 sound fps FHD lumen podcast RGB slim auto.JPG

The small size also means you can easily carry the Light 10 with you. So if you travel a lot and need light for where you are, you can easily take Light 10 with you. The tripod can be folded out from 20-25cm.

A mounting kit is included, so you can easily mount either your phone or camera inside the ring.

plates FHD sound RGB slim mic streaming cam focus 10 auto Streamplify 14 fps acoustic light lumen arm podcast.JPG

It comes with three color temperatures and ten brightness levels. The color temperature can be changed between 3000K and 6000K and has a maximum brightness of 480 lumens.
The 5V USB port also makes it possible to use Light 10 can be used together with a power bank, so you are never dependent on having an outlet nearby to take your perfect photo or recording.


Streamplify Light 10 I was able to find a price of 20$.

Light 14

Light 14 is the big brother, and has many of the same advantages as Light 10. Here, however, the size has been significantly increased, and this creates a more stationary product, which is most suitable in the "studio".

Light 14

  • Size: 36cm
  • LED number: 76
  • Power consumption: 36 watts  
  • Max brightness: 3400lm
  • CRI: ≥90
  • Color temperature: 3000-6000K
  • Color temp level: 10 level adjustment
  • Brightness level: 10 level adjustment for each color temp. level
  • Control mode: Front switch-tact, IR remote
  • Tripod height: 0.5m-1.7m
  • USB charging: Yes, 2 slots
  • Smartphone support: Yes, Width up to 76mm  
  • Camera support: Yes

Light 14 is especially suitable for streaming, vlogging, photography and video recording and much more. It provides a nice light that can help bring the object into focus or yourself if you're streaming.

auto fps lumen RGB arm podcast FHD light acoustic Streamplify mic slim 14 cam 10 sound plates focus streaming.JPG

The stand is a 2 in 1 tripod, which can be used both as a normal tripod stand, but also used as a selfie stick. It has a stand height of 50-170cm,

It has four color temperatures to choose from and ten brightness levels. The color temperature itself can be adjusted from 3000-6000K and a maximum of 2250 lumens.

cam mic auto RGB acoustic slim focus streaming arm plates 10 14 lumen podcast FHD fps light Streamplify sound.JPG

A remote control is included to be able to control the light itself, so you can easily set it without having to leave your recording.

plates Streamplify podcast light slim auto focus RGB streaming acoustic lumen 10 fps arm cam mic FHD 14 sound.JPG

If you use a smartphone for your recording, you can also charge it via light 14, which has USB-A ports.


Streamplify Light 14 I was able to find a price of 80$.


Whether you're going to stream, have team meetings, or something else entirely, it's just better that those you're talking to or to can see you. Streamplify has one webcam in their range, which has been named CAM. It is a Full HD 60 FPS camera, and it provides a crystal clear image and with the help of the high frames and autofocus, it ensures that you are always in focus, with a smooth image.


  • Supported Resolutions: 1080p60, 1080p30 720p60, 480p60
  • Optics: All-Glass lens with autofocus
  • Focus Range: 70mm to infinity
  • Zoom type: Digital
  • Field of View: 90 degrees
  • Connection: USB 2.0, compatible to type 3.0 connector
  • Anti-spy cover

CAM can be mounted on your screen, but also has an included tripod which makes it possible to put it on a shelf, a table or elsewhere. The included cable has a length of 200cm, and gives you the freedom to make it fit your needs.

mic FHD auto Streamplify lumen acoustic streaming fps 14 sound 10 slim light RGB focus arm plates cam podcast.JPG

The camera has an anti-spy cover, which allows you to easily slide in front of the camera, so you are sure that it only shows an image when you want it to.

fps podcast acoustic cam light plates 10 focus mic slim lumen 14 streaming FHD sound Streamplify auto arm RGB.JPG

The camera requires no drivers and provides a flexible and easy plug and play to use it.

lumen 14 FHD fps RGB streaming Streamplify arm auto focus light cam plates podcast mic sound acoustic 10 slim.jpg

Without light from Light 10 and Light 14

14 RGB lumens 10 acoustic cam auto Streamplify podcast fps FHD mic arm streaming slim light focus sound plates.jpg

With light from Light 10 and Light 14


Streamplify CAM I was able to find a price of 50$.

Acoustic panel

Acoustic panels can be used to create the best sound around you. The plates reduce noise around you and stop reflected sound. It provides a better experience for those who sit and have to listen to you.

Acoustic panel

  • Size: 60x30cm each
  • Thickness: 12 mm
  • Weight: 315g each
  • Color: Dark Gray & Pink
  • Flame retardancy: Yes

The plates give you a flexible solution, where you decide whether they should be mounted on a wall, set up around the computer table, or perhaps a completely third way. Acoustic panels have a narrow design, which makes them easy to work with, and they can be easily mounted on a wall without extending too far or falling down.

FHD arm lumen cam light streaming sound 10 14 Streamplify slim mic fps RGB podcast auto acoustic plates focus.JPG


The package with 9 pieces, which has been tested. Have I been able to find for a price of 110$.

10 light lumen RGB arm podcast cam plates acoustic auto focus Streamplify slim fps 14 sound FHD streaming mic.JPG

We have now been around all the products from Streamplify, which has chosen to have a price-friendly level, so that you can quickly and easily get started with your stream or perhaps a Vlog.

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