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We've previously taken a look at the A1 and A1 Mini 3D Printers from Bambu Lab, but today we're taking a look at some of the other things Bambu Lab has up its sleeve.

Although Bambu Lab is a relatively new manufacturer on the market for 3D Printers, they have nevertheless managed to create quite a stir on the market. As we also discovered ourselves, in our reviews of the Bambu Lab A1 and Bambu Lab A1 Mini printers, the company has in many ways set a new standard for how easy and accessible 3D Print can be.

Bambu Lab Filament

In addition to making the 3D Printers themselves, Bambu Lab has also put together a fairly reasonable selection of accessories and materials. It is both in the form of a fairly wide selection of filaments for their machines, but a little more entertainingly also a selection of different Kits.

Bambu Lab Maker's Kits

These are kits that contain a selection of different parts, which, together with 3D printed files, can be combined into both fully functional products, such as a wireless mouse, lamps or wireless chargers, but also things that can perhaps be considered more as toys.

Bambu Lab chose to send a selection of the different things over, so I've taken a look at some of the things and seen what possibilities there are.

The various kits range quite widely from fairly simple things like a clock or a small wind-up motor for a toy boat, to more advanced things like a wireless charger or a moving model jet engine.

Wireless charger kit

This means that there is something for everyone and both things that you can collect with your children, but also functional things that can be used in the home afterwards.

Common to all the different kits is that they come in a small cardboard box with the necessary components, such as screws, electronic or mechanical parts and the like.

The parts can then, together with 3D Printed files, be assembled into the final object or model. It is of course 3D Print, which you can very conveniently print on your Bambu Lab 3D Printer.

Each of the different kits is associated with an official model, which is either made by the Bambu Lab team themselves or various creators they work with. They can all be found through the Bambu Handy app or on

Lamp Kit files

However, one is far from limited to the official files. There are a lot of other possibilities, as other creators at Makerworld also have the freedom to create files that can be used together with the various kits from Bambu Lab.

This means, for example, that I could print the very nice official lamp file for use with the LED Lamp Kit set. The result here was a very nice and decorative lamp, which fit nicely in the living room without either wife or mother-in-law complaining.

Arc Reactor parts

However, I looked around for a more geeky version and found files that, with the same LED Lamp Kit, could make Iron Man's Arc Reactor.


Suddenly, the same kit was transformed into something that fit perfectly in the nerdy gaming den at the other end of the house.

Iron Man Arc Reactor

I also saw the same wide selection when I searched for files for the Wireless Mouse kit that Bambu Lab also makes. Here, of course, there was also an official file, but it was supplemented by a sea of other interesting or more or less crazy bids.

The components in that kit obviously won't win any prizes for performance if we compare with the mice we normally review on this page. As a fun addition to the office or the kids' PC, though, I think it's fun to have those kinds of options.


Who hasn't wanted a mouse that looks like the Batmobile, a Durian Fruit or a mouse holding a mouse?

Wireless mouse

As a supplement to the 3D Print hobby, which also ends up giving you something practical that you can use yourself or with the family, I think Bambu Lab's small kits are a super fun feature that results in some fun little building projects or just fun games hours.

Bambu Lab Boat kit in the water

For example, I have had plenty of time to go already with my daughter and the small boat I have printed for the Boat Model kit.

One of the more fun ones is also the wireless smartphone charger. Here, the official model is an A1 Mini Mini 3D Printer, complete with moving parts.

Bamboo Lab Makers Supply

In addition to the various kits, Bambu Lab also sells, under their Maker Supply tab on their website, a selection of hardware and electronic parts or an actual Maker Kit, with many different parts. All so that you can let your own creativity unfold and create things with a 3D printer.

Wireless Charger Bambu Lab

An interesting opportunity to cultivate a technical hobby or to inspire the desire to create and build in children and young people around the home.

Wireless Charger A1 Bambu Lab

3D Effects Sheets

As another little thing in the box from Bambu Lab were also their new 3D Effect Sheets. At first I was a bit confused as I couldn't quite figure out what it was.

However, after a bit of searching I found it and was surprised that it could even be done as I had never seen anything like it before.

The set consists of a blank flex plate, similar to a High Temperature Flex Plate, for a Bambu Lab A1, X1 and P1 printers, or a smaller set for the A1 Mini.

Bamboo Lab Effect Sheets

In addition, there are four Effect sheets which must be glued to the record. You can use two at a time, as it is possible to put one on each side of the plate. You can choose between Diamond, Starry, Galaxy or Carbon Fiber.

When you then print your next file, the part of the print that is down against the plate will have the effect in question transferred.

3D Effect sheet on the printer

It works surprisingly well and can help give some extra flair to your 3D Prints, which would otherwise not be possible. This naturally requires that it is a print that has a large surface, that is printed flat and must subsequently be visible in the print.

Iron Man Diamond 3D Effect

I used it, for example, in connection with the Iron Man print, where I could get the Diamond effect on several surfaces.

I also tried printing a watch face that can be used with the Bambu Lab Watch Kit. There I used the Starry plate and the result was a dial with an interesting effect.

3D Effect sheet on dial

The plates wear out over time and must therefore be replaced regularly if the effect is to work.

Right now you can only buy the complete set with Flex Plate and all four Effect Sheets together for a price of around DKK 225.

However, I hope Bambu Lab makes it possible to buy the individual sheets for themselves. Then you can buy the one you like best and use the most.

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