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If you have considered a Bambu Lab 3D Printer, or simply lack materials or accessories for your existing Bambu Lab printer? Then it pays to swing by Bambu Lab, who are having a sale to celebrate their 2 year anniversary of the launch of their X1 Series and the opening of their webstore.

The celebration of Bambu Lab's 2 year anniversary and the accompanying sale on their website runs from 5 June to 5 July and there are good deals to be had on a fairly wide range of their products.

If you have considered taking the leap and getting yourself a Bambu Lab Printer, then from June 5 there will be reduced prices on both their A1, P1P and X1C series of printers.

Bambu Lab A1 Mini with AMS Lite.jpg

The biggest savings will be found on the Bambu Lab A1 Mini, which lands with an advertised saving of over 30%. We have previously reviewed exactly the Bambu Lab A1 Mini, which received a rare top score and a Great Product Award. With the new anniversary prices, it is now just an even better offer, on a strong and super affordable 3D Printer.

However, there are also solid savings on the larger A1, which is now out in an updated version. Here the printer can land with an advertised saving of around 20%. We are currently working on a review of the updated Bambu Lab A1, so keep an eye out for it soon on this page.

However, the sale will also cover a large number of Bambu Lab's other products, such as filament and spare parts. As I said, it all goes live with updated prices directly on Bambu Lab's own website, where you can already look out for some of the offers here.

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