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Bambu Lab A1 3D Printer
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Bambu Lab is officially recalling their A1 3D printers due to issues with the device's hot bed cable. Stop use and return for full refund or hot bed replacement.

Bambu Lab, which has otherwise been very successful on the 3D Printer market recently, has run into problems with their A1 printers. After removing their A1 3D printer from sale, Bambu Lab has officially issued a recall for all of their A1 3D printers due to concerns about the safety of their hot bed.

Although the company has determined that only 0.1% of all A1 3D printers sold have had this specific problem, Bambu Lab wants to ensure the absolute safety of their customers. Bambu Lab has also urged all A1 users to stop using their 3D printers. Bambu Lab has discovered that the cable for the hot bed part of their A1 3D printers can be damaged. This can happen during transit, setup or due to other external factors. This damage can result in inappropriate behavior from the hot bed of the affected devices, such as unstable temperatures. Damaged cables can also overheat and burn, and there is a report that one user had their cable catch fire.


Owners of Bambu Lab A1 3D printers can now return their 3D printer to Bambu Lab for a full refund, regardless of the printer's condition. Also, those who refund the printer will receive an additional $80 discount coupon for the Bambu Lab store. Alternatively, Bambu Lab can send replacement parts that A1 users can install themselves. Users who choose this option will receive a $120 discount coupon for the Bambu store.

Given the challenges customers face in reliably assessing cable damage on their own, and to ensure customers' absolute safety, Bambu Lab is extending the recall to all A1 printers currently on the market, regardless of their condition. Bambu Lab strongly encourages all customers to stop using their A1 printers until the issue is resolved.

The recall is of course a significant inconvenience for users of the A1 printers from Bambu Lab. However, the company has taken a very proactive approach to the problem and sets out the following options for their customers on their website:

Option 1 - Return for Refund We know no one wants to stop their printer and wait months for a replacement, so all customers can return their A1 and receive a 100% refund of their purchase. This means that you will need to repackage your printer and send it back to us, exactly as you would with a normal return. This process may take up to 15 working days for the refund to be processed depending on shipping conditions and other potential delays, but we will do our best to resolve this as quickly as possible and refund you the cost. If you wish to switch to another Bambu Lab model immediately and continue printing, we will provide an additional $80 discount coupon (similar discounts will be provided across different stores and regions) for customers who return the printer. This discount applies to A1 Mini, P1 and X1 series printers from our store, so you can order a replacement and get back to printing in the shortest possible time. Of course, you can also use it to buy an A1 printer when it becomes available again. We expect the new batch of A1 printers with the revised cable to be available around May.

Option 2 - Wait for a new hot bed to become available and replace it. Some of our customers may want to keep their printer to avoid the hassle of returns and simply replace their hot bed when the new one becomes available (expected around the end of March as we plan to fly it to local warehouses). If you prefer to keep your A1 printer and replace the part when the new upgraded unit is available, we will provide a $120 discount coupon (similar discounts will be provided across different stores and regions) valid for any product in our online store as compensation for the extended waiting time, which will be delivered when the new hot bed is delivered. We have a detailed Wiki article on this topic and a YouTube video to guide you through the process, which should take about 20 minutes. We will ensure that this guide is further improved until the new hot beds become available. Please review the information carefully before deciding to choose this option to ensure you are comfortable with the process of replacing the heated bed. We would also like to mention that the warranty period in this case has been increased by an additional 6 months of coverage. Please also note that in some countries, due to regulations, this replacement by the customer may not be an option, in which case the only solution is to return the printer for a refund.

Bambu Lab plans to make replacement parts available for their A1 3D printers in March. The company also expects revised A1 3D printer models to become available "around May." These revised models were supposed to be secured against this specific bug.

Although it is of course never nice for this kind of error to appear, Bambu Lab's handling of the matter still deserves recognition. We are always happy to see when companies take a proactive approach to issues like this. Despite apparently affecting a fairly small percentage of customers, Bambu Lab makes their offer and exchange or replacement parts apply to all printers, regardless of condition, which is customer service that should be standard.

More information on Bambu Labs' recall of their A1 3D printer is available here.

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