Elegoo shows their first Core XY Printer

Elegoo Centauri carbon
Translate from : Elegoo viser deres første Core XY Printer
Elegoo showcases Centauri Carbon, their first CoreXY flagship FDM 3D printer at RAPID + TCT 2024.

Affectionately called “CC” by the product team, the printer aims to truly simplify 3D printing for beginners, eliminating the steep learning curve and high cost that have traditionally been barriers. This marks a potential tipping point that could expand 3D printing beyond hobbyists to everyday technology, benefiting people's lives.

“After extensive testing to ensure it is 100% ready, we have now decided to officially launch our first CoreXY printer,” says Chris Hong, founder and CEO of ELEGOO. “Centauri Carbon aims to set a new industry standard by being incredibly user-friendly and accessible to everyone. It also serves as a workhorse for hobbyists, artists, designers, students, teachers, small businesses and anyone who loves to create and make things, unleashing their creativity with just a few clicks.”

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Here it seems close that Elegoo has seen how, for example, Bambu Lab has managed to create a completely new approach to 3D Print. With printers like their Bambu Lab A1 and A1 Mini, they have made 3D Print more accessible and incredibly much easier than before. It is probably the kind of competition that Elegoo would like to get ahead of with a printer like Centauri Carbon, which also bears somewhat of the same name and design style as the very popular X1 Carbon from Bambu Lab.

3D printing has never been easier with "CC"

Elegoo writes about the Centauri Carbon project:

When the Centauri Carbon project was established in early 2023, the goal was not just to create another FDM 3D printer, but to develop a true game-changer poised to revolutionize the industry. Expected to excel in the consumer market, the Centauri Carbon is characterized by its space gray metal design and fully encapsulated frame. It has smart AI camera features and a robust integrated aluminum print construction.

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Unlike ELEGOO's previous product lines, which are named after planets, Centauri Carbon draws inspiration from Liu Cixin's famous science fiction novel "The Three-Body Problem." In the novel, a race of aliens known as the Trisolarans inhabit a triple star system based on Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to Earth.

Centauri Carbon, like its namesake, embodies resilience and innovation, making it the most accessible and user-friendly model for beginners in 3D printing.

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At RAPID + TCT, attendees can get the first glimpse of Centauri Carbon, which is expected to be released before September.

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