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Apple is set to introduce iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 with an AI-powered Siri that improves user experiences.

In a potentially groundbreaking move, Apple is expected to introduce an AI-powered Siri with generative capabilities in iOS 18 at WWDC 2024. Analysts, such as those from Morgan Stanley, predict that Large Language Models (LLMs) will be incorporated into the next generation of Siri , powered by an AI chatbot. This expected change marks a departure from Apple's cautious approach to generative AI, in contrast to industry peers such as Google and Samsung, which have integrated AI heavily into their smartphones.

Known for its methodical approach, Apple seems to have refined its AI technology, with the upcoming iOS update expected to showcase its progress. Igor Jablokov, CEO of AI Pryon and founder of Yap, emphasized Apple's distinctive strategy , saying: "They tend to hang back and wait until there is a convergence of technology and they can offer one of the finest representations of that technology." Analyst Jeff Pu of a Hong Kong investment firm suggests that Apple will begin implementing generative AI on the iPhone and iPad in late 2024.


Reports indicate that the company is actively constructing around 100 AI servers this year, with plans for additional builds in 2024, as part of its strategy to provide cloud-based AI services. In addition, Apple is reportedly developing on-device AI technology known as 'edge AI.' The company's ambitions extend beyond Siri as it seeks to integrate AI into various applications.

Apple Music could see the introduction of auto-generated playlists, while productivity apps like Keynote or Pages could incorporate features that automatically generate slide decks. Apple is also exploring ways to enhance AppleCare with generative AI, signaling a comprehensive integration of AI across its ecosystem. These developments are in line with Apple's broader strategy of perfecting its AI capabilities before revealing them to the public. As the tech giant gears up for WWDC 2024, all eyes are on the potential unveiling of the improved Siri that represents a significant leap forward in Apple's AI efforts.

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