Apple's Acquisition of DarwinAI May Move into iOS18

Translate from : Apple’s Opkøb af DarwinAI rykker måske ind i iOS18
iOS 18 will potentially be Apple's biggest update the iPhone has ever received. The platform will finally introduce a handful of new AI features as the company has been heavily invested in the field since last year.

A new report states that Apple acquired DarwinAI earlier this year, which will allow the company to expand its efforts in the AI field.

Apple Acquires DarwinAI to Boost Its AI Efforts for Upcoming iOS 18 Release AI isn't the only aspect of iOS 18 that you should look forward to, but it's one of the biggest additions that will redefine how users using iPhone. Apple plans to integrate AI at a system level with Siri and Spotlight Search getting a big boost. However, Apple also intends to make certain functions more user-friendly and accessible. In its effort, Apple earlier this year acquired an AI company based in Canada called DarwinAI, according to a new report from Bloomberg.


DarwinAI is responsible for creating technology used to inspect components in the manufacturing process. In addition, its AI technology can also be used to create smaller and more efficient systems. After Apple's acquisition, all of DarwinAI's social media platforms were taken down, and a handful of DarwinAI companies merged with Apple and its AI efforts. DarwinAI's senior researcher, Alexander Wong, has now been appointed as the director of Apple's AI group.

Apple has confirmed the acquisition news with its typical reaction, stating that "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time". The company did not state any intent or purpose for the acquisition. However, we are already familiar with the company's plans for iOS 18 and how it intends to introduce various applications around AI.

As mentioned, Apple has big plans for iOS 18 and macOS 15 later this year, as it intends to expand the platform's usability with new AI capabilities. Despite Apple's late entry into the AI market, it has devoted a lot of money and time to building new features and tools for the iPhone and Mac. However, the company must take a giant leap forward if it aims to compete against OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google Gemini and Microsoft's Bing.

So far, the company is working on improving Siri, Spotlight Search, Messages, Apple Music, and Shortcuts. However, the company has also developed tools that use AI to edit, manipulate and animate still images based on natural language commands. It's not yet clear how the company will integrate the tools into an upcoming update to the iPhone.

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