Apple's secret behind fewer layoffs

Translate from : Apples hemmelighed bag færre fyringer
Why hasn't Apple laid off thousands of employees like the other tech giants? The answer lies in a simple but effective strategy.

A bit of context: The tech giants are implementing mass layoffs. In recent weeks, we've heard that the impact of inflation, the reduction in activities due to the post-pandemic and the correction of valuations in the industry has caused large tech companies to reduce their size.

Over the course of a week, Alphabet, Google's parent company, laid off 12,000 employees. Microsoft cut down to 10 thousand a few days ago. And Twitter aka X, experiencing the chaos of Elon Musk's leadership, had mass layoffs and massive layoffs. Other tech companies such as Coinbase, Spotify and Snap have also reduced their headcount.

As author Miguel López points out on the site applesphere, the company from Cupertino has avoided (so far) making staff cuts. Not because it is too big to avoid the crisis, but because during the pandemic it had a different strategy than most other companies in the technology sector.


According to The Wall Street Journal, from September 2019 to September 2022, the tech giants grew their workforces disproportionately. Meta increased its workforce by 92%; Microsoft with 53% and Alphabet with 57%. In the same period, Apple only increased its workforce by 20%.

López perfectly points out that "in lean times, Apple preferred to have a more 'even' growth rate than the rest of its rivals, so as not to be without anyone in lean times".

So far, Apple has only said one thing about the global economic situation, and that is that they will slow down hiring and reduce certain perks like free lunches.

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