Apple allows app distribution from developers' websites

Translate from : Apple tillader app-distribution fra udvikleres hjemmesider
Software developers can distribute apps directly from their websites to EU users this spring. New EU rules require more openness from Apple.

Software developers who use Apple's App Store will be able to distribute apps to EU users directly from their websites from spring, the company announced on Tuesday. This is part of changes required by new EU rules, which force Apple to open up its closed ecosystem.

The EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA), which came into effect last week, requires Apple to offer alternative app stores on iPhones and allows developers to opt out of using its in-app payment system, which charges fees of up to 30%.

"We're giving more flexibility to developers distributing apps in the European Union, including introducing a new way to distribute apps directly from a developer's website," Apple said in a blog post.

Apple App store

These changes will give developers more control over the distribution of their apps and allow them to avoid Apple's fee structure. This could be a game changer for many developers who have wanted more freedom in the app distribution process. Furthermore, opening up alternative app stores on iPhones will give users a greater choice of apps and potentially create a more competitive app ecosystem.

Apple will continue to maintain a tight grip on its app store and its security, but these changes mark a step toward increased openness and choice for developers and users alike."

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