Apple foldable with Samsung screen

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Samsung supplies screens for Apple's new foldable gadgets. They are reportedly working on more foldable devices.

Apple is currently rumored to be working on a foldable iPhone, iPad and a larger display device speculated to be a MacBook. An earlier report from this month suggested that the foldable iPhone could potentially make its debut in 2026. New information indicates that Samsung and Apple have reportedly struck a deal where Samsung will supply the screens for Apple's foldable devices.

It remains to be seen whether this deal deals with the screen for a hybrid device, only for a foldable iPhone, or perhaps both. Samsung Display currently supplies displays for iPhones and MacBooks. Therefore, it would not be unexpected if Apple decides to maintain this collaboration for their foldable devices. This is especially possible as Samsung has established itself as a frontrunner in foldable smartphones.

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However, the design of the foldable iPhone is still unknown. Various rumors suggest that it may use a clamshell design, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, while others speculate that it may have a larger, expandable screen similar to a tablet. Apple's patents offer a glimpse of potential capabilities, but no definitive information has been confirmed.

A recent report by Korean media outlet AlphaBiz, which had previously predicted a launch of the foldable iPhone in late 2026, now indicates that the device is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2027. The report, based on information from a source close to Apple's internal strategies attribute the delay in the foldable iPhone's launch to supply chain challenges and issues related to demand.

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The insider revealed that Apple has decided to delay the launch of the foldable iPhone beyond the original schedule due to various factors, including the need for adequate preparation for the availability of foldable screens. Originally scheduled for a debut in the fourth quarter of 2026, the launch of the foldable Apple phone has been rescheduled for the first quarter of 2027 if the new rumors are true.

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