Apple is considering replaceable batteries for iOS devices

Translate from : Apple overvejer udskiftelige batterier til iOS-enheder
Apple is working on a sustainable solution with batteries that can be replaced between devices. How far the work is and whether it actually ends up being a product we can actually buy is still very unclear.

In response to the demand for more sustainable technology solutions, Apple recently filed a patent for replaceable batteries that can be used across different iOS devices. If this idea becomes a reality, it could be a solid step towards a more modular, sustainable future.

However, it is important to note that this is only a patent application and not a granted patent. Nevertheless, Apple submits thousands of applications each year, according to statistics from Insights. The idea of replaceable batteries for monitors and other devices is a noble one. But how often have you thought about using the battery in your MacBook Air to charge your iPad?

Apple patent battery replacement.jpg

Unfortunately, the patent application does not mention anything about replaceable headphones and earphones. And it is precisely the Apple product that most needs a longer lifespan. Replaceable batteries are not a new concept. In fact, Apple gave us the option of replaceable batteries in 2009 with the Apple MacBook. But since then, no iPhones or AirPods have had this option.

How long a pair of AirPods last varies depending on several factors, such as how often they are used and how they are charged. But all batteries will inevitably deteriorate over time. In addition, the batteries in the earphones lose charge over time, even when not in use.

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