Apple lays off over 600 after shutting down projects

Translate from : Apple fyrer over 600 efter nedlukning af projekter
Apple cuts two major projects and lays off over 600 employees in California. The company withdraws from attempts to create next-generation screens and electric cars.

Apple is pulling back from two ambitious projects that have resulted in the layoff of more than 600 workers in California, according to filings with the state. On Tuesday, Apple filed a series of notices with the state about layoffs that would take effect at the end of May for various offices in Santa Clara.

Bloomberg reported that one of the addresses housed a new display development office, while the others were for the company's electric car efforts. The layoffs are likely an underestimate of the full extent of the employee cuts because Apple had staff on those projects in other states and countries — although some employees were retained and redirected to other projects, Bloomberg noted.

In late February, Apple announced to the 2,000 employees working on its electric car project that the project would be winding down. Some of the staff would be moved to the company's artificial intelligence division, a growing area for many tech companies. Cost overruns and launch delays hurt Apple's electric car project, part of the industry's broader battle with technology, profitability and consumer interest.

The company also decided to shut down its attempts to make next-generation displays for the Apple Watch in-house. This project was also hampered by cost overruns and launch delays. Apple had 161,000 full-time employees per 30 September according to their annual report.

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