Apple removes AI apps for nude photos

Translate from : Apple fjerner AI-apps for nøgenbilleder
Apple removes apps that use AI to create nude photos from the App Store. This step is taken to ensure privacy and ethics.

Huawei was recently embroiled in a scandal when an app on its new Pura 70 flagships allowed users to remove clothes from girls using AI. Now Apple has found itself in a similar situation. The company has apparently removed three apps from the App Store that advertised themselves as "art generators" but promoted themselves on Instagram and adult websites, claiming they could "undress any girl for free".

Some of these apps offered an AI "undressing" feature, while others performed face swapping on images of explicit material. Although the images do not show the actual nudity of the girl, the app can generate images that can be used for harassment, blackmail and invasion of privacy.


According to 404 Media, Apple only removed the apps after they were provided with links to the apps and their ads. Before that, the company could not find such apps. However, there are reports that the apps have been available since 2022 and were already advertising the "undress" feature on adult sites.

It is said that these apps can stay on the App Store if they remove the ads on 18+ pages. This incident comes at a bad time for Apple, as the company is gearing up to hold its WWDC 2024 developer conference in June, where the company will announce major artificial intelligence updates for iOS 18 and Siri. Right now, Apple needs an impeccable reputation for reliability, and this situation could hurt that.

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