Apple users win from Google Gemini AI collaboration

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Reports suggest that Apple will announce a new partnership to improve AI capabilities on its devices through Google's Gemini AI.

According to reports, Apple is set to announce a new partnership to improve the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of its devices. Apple is reportedly finalizing a deal that will add Google's Gemini AI to its device platforms this fall.

The iPhone maker has already partnered with OpenAI to integrate the ChatGPT chatbot on Apple devices, which was announced last month at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 keynote event. The addition of Gemini to Apple's operating systems and Apple Intelligence is likely to significantly improve the user experience.

A report by Mark Gurman in the Power On newsletter has given insight into the possible partnership. Apple had previously indicated that it is exploring the integration of various third-party AI models into its systems and devices. WWDC saw the announcement of Apple Intelligence, which is "the personal intelligence system that puts powerful generative models right at the center" of users' devices.

According to the report, Apple wants to make "AI a source of revenue, not just a series of features aimed at moving hardware products." Gurman also hints that the company may "eventually" roll out subscription-based Apple Intelligence features.

Third-party AI collaborations with Apple have been rumored for some time, with OpenAI and Gemini at the forefront. Mark Gurman also hinted that in addition to the addition of Gemini, Anthropic's Claude AI could also be added to the mix. However, Meta AI was rejected as the Llama chatbot did not meet Apple's standards. Apple Intelligence will be released in a phased process.

The expectation is therefore that both Gemini and ChatGPT could be fully functional "once Apple Intelligence is fully rolled out" sometime this fall or early next year.

What this means for Apple users: If the reported partnerships become reality, Apple users will have the widest network of AI chatbots and engines at their fingertips. However, it is unclear how these potentially competitive models will be able to coexist on Apple devices. These third-party AI models will likely keep Apple systems and Apple Intelligence on top until the company develops its own generative AI system.

The benefit to users will be 'choice'. Each AI model comes with similar functionalities with different accuracy levels. In this way, users will be able to access a wider and perhaps more precise amount of information to meet their needs.

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