Get Repair Mode with Android 14 update

Android 14
Translate from : Få Repair Mode med Android 14 opdatering
With a new update to Android 14, it becomes easier to repair and solve problems with your Android phone with the new Repair Mode.

When the device requires repair, handing it over to a third party can be a complex task.

Google addresses this issue with the introduction of the Repair feature for Pixel devices in the Android 14 December update.

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Enabling this feature takes advantage of the Dynamic System Updates feature.

During Repair Mode, all installed apps are hidden and access is limited to essential Google apps such as Chrome, Gmail, Camera, Phone and Maps.

Technicians have the option to download diagnostic tools and apps for checking, and any data installed during Repair Mode will be erased when the Pixel device returns to its normal operating system. However, it is important to note that activation requires at least 2 GB of free space. Also, replacing the motherboard in the phone will result in data loss. Unfortunately, Repair Mode is not available on all devices yet and only Android 14 supported phones have access to this feature. Despite the lack of official support for the Pixel 6A, some users already have access to the feature on their devices.

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