iPhone 17 Plus leaks: Smaller screen in 2025

Translate from : iPhone 17 Plus leaks: Mindre skærm i 2025
Get the latest leaks about iPhone 17, expected to launch in 2025. iPhone 17 Plus may have a smaller screen size.

While it may seem early to discuss the iPhone 17, there is already a lot of attention being paid to its expected features and specifications. Despite the fact that there are several months left before the release of the iPhone 16, the focus is already on its successor.

So far, we've heard several reports about the iPhone 17 Pro, including the possibility of high refresh rates on the screen, Always On functionality and a 2nm chipset. And now there are rumors about the iPhone 17 Plus, and it is said that it may come with a smaller screen size. The iPhone 17 Plus, which is said to follow the launch of the iPhone 16 series in late 2024, appears to depart from the previous trend of ever-increasing screen sizes.

Historically, Apple has maintained a model where the Plus models mirror the screen sizes of the higher-than-Pro Max versions. For example, both the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 15 Plus had a 6.7-inch screen, matching the size of their respective Pro Max counterparts. By adjusting the screen sizes across their range, Apple may be trying to further differentiate their models.

This helps target specific user groups who may prefer a mid-sized device that balances functionality and comfort. A smaller screen could lead to a reduction in production costs, which could potentially allow Apple to price the iPhone 17 Plus more competitively. In addition to this, a slightly smaller device may appeal to users who find larger phones cumbersome.

This change could improve the phone's feel in the hand, making it more appealing to a segment of consumers who prioritize ease of use and handling over screen size.

Coming to earlier rumors about the iPhone 17 series, DigiTimes had reported that Apple's primary chip supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) announced that it will start producing 2nm processors by the end of this year.

In addition, the processors are expected to be mass-produced by 2025. Following this announcement by TSMC, reports began to emerge saying that the iPhone 17 Pro could be among the first devices powered by these processors.

Earlier, South Korean media The Elec reported that Apple is getting ready to introduce high screen refresh rates and the always-on feature to the regular iPhone 17 in 2025. If it happens, it will be the first time that the basic variant of the iPhone being upgraded. Usually, a high refresh rate and always-on feature is only available in the Pro models of the iPhone.

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