OnePlus launches AI Eraser Tool

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OnePlus launches a new AI tool, AI Eraser, to remove unwanted objects from photos. The update hits select models, including the OnePlus 12, 12R, 11, Open and Nord CE4.

OnePlus is rolling out a new AI feature called the AI Eraser tool for its smartphones. This tool is designed to remove unwanted objects and flaws from photos, similar to existing features offered by Google and Samsung.

Which phones will receive the update?

The AI Eraser tool is reaching select OnePlus models through a software update. These models include the OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Open and the recently released OnePlus Nord CE4. However, the update is being rolled out in batches, so users on these devices may have to wait a bit before they can access the feature.

Using OnePlus AI Eraser tool

To use the AI Eraser tool, users must ensure that their OnePlus device is updated to the latest software version. Here's a basic guide to using the feature: The AI Eraser tool is based on AndesGPT, a generative AI model developed by OPPO, which requires an internet connection to work.

According to discussions on the OnePlus Community Forums, there may be a daily limit on the number of photos users can edit with the AI Eraser tool. However, OnePlus has not officially confirmed this information.

What is AI photo editing?

AI is rapidly transforming smartphone photography by making professional edits possible for everyone. Leading brands like Google and Samsung incorporate features like "Magic Eraser" and "Object Eraser," which can intelligently remove unwanted objects from photos. These tools analyze the scene and fill the gap with realistic background information. AI also helps with improvements such as suggesting optimal lighting adjustments and automatically correcting errors.

This trend enables users to take stunning photos and achieve polished results with just a few taps on the screen, blurring the lines between smartphone photos and professional edits.

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