OnePlus reveals the design of the OnePlus 12

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Of course, it's no surprise that OnePlus is working on a new smartphone. Something new is happening with the design of the upcoming OnePlus 12, which we have now had a sneak peek at. The well-known Alert Slider, for example, has been given a new location.

Startling new location

OnePlus itself calls the new location of the Alert Slider the most striking thing about the new design. Here I will give OnePlus the right, because apart from new colors, I would not be able to tell the difference between the new OnePlus 12 and the "old" OnePlus 11 on the surface at a quick glance.

The design is largely the same, so it is perhaps not so surprising that the PR team has to turn against a moved Alert Slider as "startling".

OnePlus 12 design revealed

That said, it's still a beautiful design that we can look forward to with the OnePlus 12. I've always been a fan of the surface treatment that OnePlus uses on their phones. Their sandblasted black backs on both the OnePlus 10 and OnePlus 11 are still some of the most comfortable and beautiful backs on a smartphone in my book.

OnePlus 12 Camera

However, you still have to be able to live with the camera taking up quite a bit of space on the back of the phone. Although the camera setup is slightly different on the OnePlus 12, the design with the large round camera bump is the same as we saw on the OnePlus 11.

OnePlus 12 camera bump.jpg

It seems that OnePlus has embraced the very distinct look, because it is also the same we see on their OnePlus Fold, and it makes it instantly recognizable as a OnePlus smartphone.

A 3X periscope telephoto camera has been included on the OnePlus 12 and the camera part has continued to be developed in collaboration with Hasselblad.

Alert Slider is moved to improve gaming

OnePlus explains that the relocation of the Alter Slider is done to make room for a new and integrated antenna that improves the phone's gaming capabilities. According to the development team at OnePlus, the old location of the Alert Slider was the perfect place to place the new antenna. Therefore, the slider has now been moved to the opposite side of the phone, and it can now be found on the left side of the phone.

OnePlus 12 Gaming

In order to precisely ensure optimal antenna signal on both sides of the phone despite the location on the left side, OnePlus has chosen to use ultra-compact antenna technology and what they call industry-leading Alert Slider antenna integration to minimize the space that the Alert Slider takes up. In laboratory tests of the OnePlus 12, it has improved the antenna signal by 3dB and reduced game latency by 15 percent.

New Flowy Emerald color variant

One thing that I think makes a little more difference than a moved Alert Slider is the new Flowy Emerald color variant. According to OnePlus, the new color must: "build a bridge between technology and the wild unfolding of nature."

OnePlus 12.jpg

The color and design is the result of a trip to the river Dart River, where the OnePlus design team wanted to incorporate the same elegance, fluid nature and changeable expressions in the phone that prevailed on the river.

Flowy Emerald OnePlus 12.jpg

The new color looks really nice in pictures, and it's really cool in my book to see a manufacturer that plays a little more with design and colors than average.

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