Pixel 10's Tensor G5 SoC design complete

Translate from : Pixel 10's Tensor G5 SoC design fuldført
The Tensor G5 SoC has been sent to TSMC for manufacturing. We expect to see this chip in next year's Pixel 10 series.

"When a chip is 'tapes out,' it means that the design of the component has been completed and sent for fabrication at a chip manufacturer. The chipset we're discussing here is the Tensor G5 application processor (AP), and the manufacturer is TSMC."

A report from Taiwan reveals that the Tensor G5 SoC has been "taped out". This is an important step in the production process that brings us closer to seeing this powerful chip in action. It's worth noting that we won't see the Tensor G5 AP in any phone or tablet until it debuts in next year's Pixel 10 lineup.

This means we still have some time to wait, but expectations are high. The Tensor G5 SoC is expected to have a significant performance and efficiency improvement over its predecessor. This will give the Pixel 10 series an impressive performance boost and place it ahead of the competition. With the recent taped out, we can look forward to learning more about the Tensor G5 SoC's specs and features in the coming months. Until then, we have to wait patiently and continue to keep an eye on the latest updates from Google.”

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