Potential iOS 19 development at Apple

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Apple prepares software releases for 2024 and focuses on the year ahead. Get access to iOS 19, iPadOS 18, watchOS 11 and macOS 15 Sequoia betas now!

As usual, Apple is finishing work on the upcoming software releases in 2024 and concentrating on the coming year. Developers now have access to the iOS 19, iPadOS 18, watchOS 11, and macOS 15 Sequoia betas. Fall 2024 will see the release of these OS improvements that were hinted at during the WWDC conference.

Reports indicate that Apple's engineers have begun to focus on the releases planned for late 2025, such as iOS 19, watchOS 12, macOS 16 and visionOS 3. Each of these upcoming releases has a code name. According to reports, the macOS 16 version is named "Cheer" while the iOS 19 version under testing is known as "Luck".

WatchOS 12 has been codenamed "Nepali" and visionOS 3 is reportedly dubbed "Discovery". The company typically begins work on these OS updates well in advance to coordinate software with the upcoming hardware products currently in development. Additionally, this time frame is similar to previous years and has not been accelerated.

In addition to the expected launches of new iPhone, iPad and Mac models later in 2024, other devices are also slated for launch in 2025. This is expected to include a cheaper and lower-spec Apple Vision Pro model; it might even be called "Apple Vision".

Apple challenged in Europe

Due to legal compliance concerns, Apple has decided to delay the launch of its three new AI features in Europe. This will affect consumers in all 27 EU member states. Apple's actions underscore the delicate balance the tech industry must maintain between innovation and regulatory compliance as the digital regulatory landscape continues to change.

Meanwhile, Apple Vision Pro has just become available outside of the US and can be found at Apple Store locations in Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Japan. After going on sale in the US in February, this is the first time the Vision Pro is available outside the country. Vision Pro has received mixed feedback.

While users appreciate the cutting-edge hardware and technology, others have expressed reservations regarding its practicality, ease of use of gesture-based controls, weight, and overall comfort.

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