Samsung surpassed Apple in February

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Apple first lost the leading position in the mobile market to Samsung in 2023. But will the Galaxy S24 models change that picture in 2024?

Last year, Apple led the mobile phone market on an annual basis for the first time, while Samsung fell to second place. But the release of the Galaxy S24 models seems to have had a positive impact on the South Korean manufacturer's sales numbers. In total, 229.2 million iPhones were sold in 2023, while Samsung phones sold slightly less at 225.4 million.

Rounded, these figures represented a market share of 20% for both companies, with Samsung at 22% and Apple at 19% the year before. It will be too early to estimate how the situation will look this year on an annual basis, but it seems that 2024 has started very well for Samsung.

The Galaxy S24 models proved to be successful, sales figures exceeded those of the previous year's Galaxy S23 series, and Apple was also overtaken. According to calculations by Counterpoint Research, Samsung sold a total of 19.69 million Galaxy smartphones in February, accounting for 20% of the total market, while 17.41 million iPhones were sold, accounting for 18% of the market.

Samsung is particularly strong in Europe, where they reached a market share of 34%, meaning that every third phone sold was a Galaxy. Apple performs best in the US, where they are still the market leader, but their market share fell from 64% to 48% between January and February.

We have also received an estimate for how many Galaxy S24 models may be sold. By the end of February, approximately 6.53 million units had been purchased globally.

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