The US is suing Apple for restricting competition

Translate from : USA sagsøger Apple for konkurrencebegrænsning
Apple is facing a lawsuit from the US Department of Justice over alleged anti-competitive violations.

Apple is set to be sued by the US Department of Justice over alleged antitrust violations. It was reported on Wednesday by Bloomberg that the lawsuit could come as early as Thursday.

The case will reportedly include allegations that the company has blocked competitors from accessing hardware and software features of iPhones. Exact details are not yet known. However, device makers such as smart-tracker company Tile have complained that Apple limits how they can work with their devices.

Apple developed their own AirTag trackers a few years after Tiles came on the market. Apple has also been criticized for restricting access to contactless payments. Credit cards can only be added using their own Apple Pay system. There was no immediate comment on the report from the company or Justice Department officials.

However, efforts aimed at "Big Tech" have been one of the few measures with appeal to both Democrats and Republicans in Washington in recent years. If it goes to trial, it will be the Justice Department's third case against Apple in 14 years.

But it would be the first to accuse the company of illegally maintaining their dominant position. Apple is also in the middle of an antitrust-related dispute with Fortnite creator Epic Games. Microsoft and other companies have also joined Epic's claim that the iPhone maker has made it difficult for consumers to pay for content except through its own app store.

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