USB-C tip for iPhone 15

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The iPhone 15 has finally made the leap to a USB-C port and away from their own Lightning cable. This means that there are new options beyond just charging.

The iPhone 15 series introduces USB-C, enabling compatibility with a wide range of accessories. The Lightning connector was somewhat more closed, as it was Apple's own standard. That changes with USB-C, which is more open to accessories.

Easier charging

With the iPhone 15 series, Apple iPhones have finally switched to USB-C, joining the ranks of most other Apple devices such as iPads and Macs. This means you can now use a single cable to charge all your Apple gadgets, making your life much easier. However, the speed of charging varies depending on whether you have an iPhone 15 Pro or non-Pro. iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Max can charge up to 20W, while the Pro versions can squeeze in a slightly faster 27W. So still miles away from the speeds you see on certain Android phones, where 60W or more is normal.

Unlike Lightning, USB-C is not proprietary, so you can use a wide variety of USB-C cables or accessories on the market. In addition to just charging, there are actually quite a few other good options.

Become a power bank

iPhone 15 can also share power, so you can use it to charge other devices, like your AirPods or even another iPhone. This is great when you're on the go and need to give your gadgets a quick boost.


Connect to external displays

With USB-C, you can easily connect your iPhone to an external display for screen mirroring or presentations. Just use a USB-C to HDMI cable and you're good to go.

Expand your storage space

Connect a USB-C hard drive or SD card reader to your iPhone and browse files directly using the Files app. This is perfect for photographers who want to import photos from their camera or for anyone who needs extra storage space.

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Wired accessories USB-C also means you can connect wired accessories like keyboards, microphones and even wired headphones to your iPhone. This is great when you need a more reliable connection or want to save battery life.

Multi-port hubs

USB-C hubs allow you to connect multiple devices to your iPhone at the same time. This is great when you need to connect to an external display, power source and USB accessories all at once.

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