Why Apple rejected Meta's AI for iPhone

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Translate from : Hvorfor Apple afviste Meta's AI for iPhone
Apple declined to integrate Meta's AI chatbot, Llama 3 LLM, into the iPhone. The reason was concerns about Meta's privacy standards.

Meta Platforms approached Apple to integrate the social media giant's AI chatbot into the iPhone a few months ago, but Appel declined, a report claims. The two tech giants are not currently in discussions for an AI partnership, Bloomberg News reported on Monday, citing sources.

Why did Apple reject Meta AI?

The potential partnership never reached a formal stage, as Apple was not interested in integrating Meta's in-house Llama 3 LLM (Large Language Model) with the iPhone or other devices. One of the main reasons for Apple's rejection is Facebook's parent company's privacy rules, which the iPhone maker believes are not strict enough, according to Bloomberg News.

Meanwhile, Apple, which unveiled its "Apple Intelligence" features at the recent WWDC event, said OpenAI's ChatGPT will be brought to its devices. A deal with Google-owned Alphabet for its Gemini AI chatbot is also under consideration.

Apple already cooperates with Google in relation to their Safari web browser.

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