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Android 15
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Google has announced that Android 15 is available in its first developer version. Meeeen. Be patient and wait for the public beta of Android 15 in April 2024 for a stable experience.

Google has announced that Android 15 is available in the form of the first developer preview. So while you're probably still checking your updates to see if your device has Android 14 yet, progress is being made on the next version of the Android software. Every year, Google is really open with Android, giving access to the software very early in its life cycle.

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Unlike iOS, which is much more difficult to access before it launches, Android will let anyone download and test the new software months before its public release. Android 15 will bring a number of new features to phones, tablets and other devices, and it's clear that greater camera control will be given to devices. At this point, it's not entirely clear what benefits will come through these controls, but there seems to be a focus on low-light improvements and flash strength.

Other areas of progress focus on security and performance, which is what you would expect in any new software release. What we don't yet know are the exciting features that will define the next generation of devices: I would expect these to be announced at Google I/O, which will likely take place in May 2024. At this point in the development cycle, Android 15 unfinished software. The Developer Preview is just that—it's designed for developers to see how new core Android features will work.

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Most importantly, it's a chance for developers to test their apps to make sure they'll work as expected on the new software version and give developers time to take advantage of new features. If you choose to install Android 15 on your primary device now, you'll find that many parts of your phone simply won't work. So have some patience and at least wait until the public beta. To emphasize this point, Android 15 is currently only available as a flash for your device - you'll need to download and manually install it by connecting to your PC, whereupon the device will be wiped, so this is only suitable for a secondary or spare phone , you had to have.

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It is currently only supported on Pixel phones. The Android Beta program will allow you to easily download Android 15 to a compatible device — and that list will include Pixel devices back to the Pixel 6 and likely some other partner devices. Android 15 Beta is expected to start in April 2024, just before Google I/O. Again, Android 15 Beta is not complete software, many of the main features of Android 15 will not be included, but it usually gives access to some of the new settings and design changes. You can expect a lot to be said about Android 15 in the coming months until its final release - which may not be until October 2024 alongside the Pixel 9.

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