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Apple launches new iPad Air and iPad Pro with an upgraded stylus: Apple Pencil Pro. Unique features, same price as the older model. Which one should you choose?

Apple has just launched the latest generation iPad Air and iPad Pro. Along with these new devices, we also get a new version of their stylus: the Apple Pencil Pro.

As the latest version of the stylus, Apple Pencil Pro has unique features not found on any other Apple Pencil, including barrel roll, squeeze, haptic feedback and Find My, all of which help it feel almost as intuitive as a pen or brush . Furthermore, it has the same price as the older second generation Apple Pencil.

Barrel roll is one of the main new features of the Apple Pencil Pro, as it allows you to change the brush on your iPad simply by changing the orientation of the pen in your hand. This makes it a seamless and natural way to draw on your tablet, bringing the Apple Pencil Pro experience closer to using an actual brush or pen.

The squeeze function also makes it easier to change its output on the go. If you need to switch to your current tool, just squeeze the Apple Pencil Pro, which opens a palette of tools, line weights, colors and more. This will improve your workflow, reduce distractions and let you focus on what you're doing.

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It also includes haptic feedback so your hand can feel the pen react to what you're doing on the iPad, adding to the sensory experience. The new Apple Pencil Pro also includes Find My, which makes it easier to find the stylus if you lose it.

With all its features, the Apple Pencil Pro is perfect for artists and professionals who frequently use the iPad for specialized tasks. For example, if you use the tablet for drawing, photo editing, video production, animation or even audio recording, Apple Pencil Pro will make your workflow much smoother. However, if you only use the stylus to take notes or play games, then the simplicity of the Apple Pencil (USB-C) may be more suitable for you.

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