Samsung crushes Apple's iPad Pro ad

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Apple's iPad Pro with M4 chip created attention and criticism with their 'Crush' advertisement. Samsung quickly responded with their own 'Uncrush' commercial highlighting the Galaxy Tab S9.

Apple's recent launch of the iPad Pro with the M4 chip got attention, but not just because of the fast chip. Apple followed the launch of the new device with a controversial commercial, titled 'Crush', which showcases a wide range of creative tools being crushed by a hydraulic press.

Samsung has wasted no time in responding again to Apple's "misstep" and has released their own backlash that aired on X. With their 'Uncrush' ad, Samsung claims they won't crush creativity, playing on Apple's advertising . Here, a nearly broken guitar is picked up and played in a similar atmosphere to the famous Apple crush episode.

With a glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 in the picture, Samsung uses the opportunity to show their own iPad competitor. Apple's ad drew the ire of creatives around the world, who called it a tone-deaf attempt to showcase the new iPad Pro. In the ad, Apple shows the new iPad Pro to the press after the trash has been cleared away, suggesting that the iPad Pro gives creatives all these tools in one device.

Apple has since apologized for the ad, and will reportedly limit its exposure going forward. While such demonstrations of smashing things are a popular video genre on social media, it sent the wrong message to creatives who depend on the Apple ecosystem.

The rise of AI has many people worried that traditional creative methods in human art are at risk, and Apple's advertising did nothing to calm those fears. Part of the reason the original 'Crush' ad struck such a chord is that Apple has historically been a haven for creative people from around the world.

The iPad line-up has dominated the tablet market for years, and it's a good reason why Samsung is taking advantage of this strange situation to raise awareness of their own tablet line-up. This advertising response is a fun way for Samsung to make fun of another big player in the tablet game. Apple will surely be more careful next time, but as they say, there is no such thing as bad press, it has attracted a lot of attention to their device thanks to this advertisement.

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