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Cooler Master Computex 2023 fittings
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First day at Computex 2023 also brought us past Cooler Master. They have their head office right here in Taipei and had invited the press inside for a look at some of the new things they have on the stairs.


Several MAX cabinets

If you have read our review of the Cooler Masters NR200P MAX case, then you may know a little about the Cooler Masters MAX concept. In short, it means that Cooler Master will lower the degree of difficulty in connection with assembling a PC.

The cabinets in the MAX series therefore come as package solutions, where a power supply and an AIO cooling solution are already installed in the cabinet.


At Computex, they presented two new concept cabinets, which might become part of the series. The large one was aimed at High End systems, and was equipped with a 1200W power supply and a 420mm AIO cooling solution.

All the cables are pulled in, so it's easy to connect things. In the same way as we have seen with certain power supplies from e.g. Seasonic, the various connectors, such as 24 pins and the PCIe connectors, are mounted in a PSU Bridge. This means that all the connectors have an outlet in the cabinet's main chamber, and from there you can easily pull the cables to parts such as motherboards and graphics cards.


To make it even easier, the motherboard can also be mounted without the use of tools via a click locking mechanism.

The smaller concept cabinet is made according to the same MAX concept, but is just smaller and aims for more mainstream systems. Here you get an 850W power supply mounted together with a 360mm AIO.


All the cables are pre-assembled in the same way as in the large case, and you should be up and running quickly with minimal work.

The goal for Cooler Master is that the cabinets in the MAX series land with a price that is cheaper than if you buy the individual parts separately.


Cooler Master feels the market before deciding whether the new MAX concept enclosures should be part of their range. So if you like the idea, give it a shout.

Ncore100 MAX

If you would like an ITX case in the MAX series, Cooler Master now supplements the existing NR200P MAX with another case in the form of their Ncore100 MAX. It is a case with a footprint on the table the size of a piece of A4 paper, but which despite that comes with the option of up to an RTX 4090 graphics card.


Just like the other MAX cases, you get a pre-assembled power supply and an AIO cooler. In this case, it is an 850W SFX power supply and a 120mm AIO. The cooler is mounted at the top of the cabinet.

Cooler Master Masterloop

Cooler Master has made parts for water cooling before, but now they are on the field with new things for that field. They showed off their upcoming Masterloop parts at Computex. It's still a work in progress series, so the parts were earlier versions.


Initially, cooling blocks are made for both AMD and Intel CPUs. It is supplemented by cooling blocks for graphics cards in the RTX 4090 series.

We were told that it was only RTX 4090 cards, as the sales of RTX 4080 cards were too small, and cards further down the 4000 series did not need water cooling. So we can look forward to GPU blocks for RTX 4090 cards from MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte.

Cooler Master also showed off their fittings in the Masterloop series. They stood out a bit on the design, being made in square shapes. Most other fittings on the market are more rounded in their design.


Cooler Master has done this to match the other parts we have in a PC, which are typically square in design.

Finally, we also saw a combined reservoir and pump unit, which may eventually become part of the series. It is made with a pump designed by Cooler Master himself. It should be quieter than the typical D5 or DDC pumps typically used on the market now.


The launch of the new Masterloop series is a bit uncertain yet, but the team at Cooler Master expected that blocks for CPUs and graphics cards, as well as fittings, would be ready later this year.

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