The summer at Tweak

Skærmbillede 2023-07-17 103358
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Summer is upon us, which fortunately also means time for a little vacation, so the pace will be slightly slower in the coming years.

Although the pace may be slightly slower in the coming weeks, we will still have exciting reviews ready on an ongoing basis. So there is a bit to read here at Tweak, when you crawl into the shadows or need a little change from the Tour de France.

We would also like to take the opportunity to wish you all a fantastic summer and a good holiday, to those of you who are lucky enough to have it. We are happy about your visits, comments and inputs here on the page or on our Facebook pages.

Summer Computer

Remember that our Member Tweak giveaways are of course still running all summer as usual!

We look forward to gathering energy during the summer holidays and coming back strong on the other side, with lots of cool reviews, guides and news in hardware, tech and gaming.

Happy summer from the Tweak team!

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