Black Myth: Wukong CG trailer

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The new Black Myth: Wukong CG trailer showed the game's development progress as well as a glimpse of The Destined One's legendary journey and the formidable challenges that lie ahead.

Black Myth: Wukong combines rich storytelling with stunning visuals and a unique approach to the action-RPG formula. Players will explore a fascinating world filled with wonders and discoveries from ancient Chinese mythology, breathtaking landscapes and a diverse collection of memorable characters based on the acclaimed novel Journey to the West.

In addition to a precise and visually striking melee system with a staff, The Destined One can also employ spells, transformations and magical implements as powerful tools in their arsenal against seafaring enemies. Feel free to combine different spells, abilities, weapons and equipment to find the winning strategy that best suits any fighting style.


Black Myth: Wukong launches worldwide on August 20, 2024 for PC and PlayStation®5.

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