Commandos: Origins - Ny Gameplay trailer

Commandos - Origins
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Kalypso Media has released a gameplay teaser trailer for its upcoming Commandos game, Commandos: Origins. This teaser trailer shows off a few gameplay sequences. As such, it can give you a glimpse of what to expect from this new strategy game.

In Commandos: Origins you will play as Jack O'Hara (The Green Beret) and Francis T. Woolridge (The Sniper). Players will guide this special Commandos team through real WWII locations. In addition, they will face exciting challenges in different locations. For example, you can sneak into enemy bases in the icy Arctic, fight at close range on a German submarine at night, or trek through the hot sands of the African desert.

As said, the game will take you back to World War 2 where the original characters come together to form the famous Commandos team. Players will lead the way, using strength and strategy to defeat enemy soldiers.

Commandos: Origins promises to offer an exciting story with more than 10 missions filled with challenging challenges and cunning gameplay. The game world will be detailed and diverse, so you can try different strategies. You can sneak, climb, drive vehicles or use stealth tactics to complete missions in your own way.

Kalypso Media plans to release this new Commandos game for PC later this year.

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