Diablo 4 - Vessel of Hatred
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The first expansion for Diablo 4, Vessel of Hatred, will be released on October 8, 2024. Blizzard first revealed the upcoming expansion at the Xbox Games Showcase. Blizzard announced the expansion back at BlizzCon 2023, where we learned it would include a new region, new class, seasonal play, and more.

The opening cinematic for the game set the mood, where a floating crystal speaks to Neyrelle, which we already know from Diablo IV. She is on a mission to reach Akarat's Tomb. But all is not well with the adventurer. The short clip shows her being infected by the stone and ends up trapping her in a cave at the center of a giant demon.

According to a press release issued after the trailer's debut, the new Diablo 4 class is the Spiritborn, a brand new class that has not yet appeared in any previous Diablo titles. Deeply attached to the jungles of Nahantu, the Spiritborn use the spirits of the ancient civilization to strengthen their own fighting power. We'll learn more about the Spiritborn during a reveal on July 18th, where Blizzard will give players an in-depth look at this new class and its abilities.

The story in Vessel of Hatred continues after the end of Diablo 4 and takes us to a new region in the southern Sanctuary known as Nahantu, or Torajan to outsiders. This land area is dense with jungle, but still as dark and ominous as the other regions players have seen so far. Players haven't seen this part of the world since Diablo 2.

If you haven't completed the main campaign, Vessel of Hatred will start with a recap and then let you play from there.

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