Diablo IV lands on Xbox Game Pass on March 28

Translate from : Diablo IV lander på Xbox Game Pass d. 28. marts
The Xbox team and Blizzard lifted the veil last night so that we can look forward to Diablo IV now also coming to Xbox Game Pass. It will happen already next month.

Diablo IV already lands on Xbox Game Pass on March 28 and thus becomes the first Activision Blizzard game to become a pure part of the service. This means that you can now jump in "for free" to save Santuary from Lilith and her hordes of demons, provided of course that you pay for Xbox Game Pass.

The news came yesterday on the Official Xbox Podcast, where Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Booty also talked about the future of games and services under Microsoft's Xbox umbrella. After new acquisitions, it covers the collection of game studios such as Activision, Bethesda, Blizzard, King and of course the already in-house Xbox Game Studios.

There are around 34 million who have a subscription to Xbox Game Pass, so it is not an insignificant group of gamers who will soon also be part of the popular Diablo series via the service.

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