Doom: The Dark Ages announced

Doom The Dark Ages
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The rumors were true!!! The next Doom game moves into a dark fantasy realm. At Xbox's big June showcase event, id Software officially revealed the next chapter in the demonic shooter series, which is called Doom: The Dark Ages.

As the name suggests, it takes the franchise back to a medieval-like era where the Slayer kills enemies in a more imaginative realm. In that way, it seems to function as a kind of prequel. However, it still looks as gruesome and bloody as ever, this time spiced up with the opportunity to fly for a ride on a cyber dragon. What's not to like?

The game will launch in 2025 and come to Xbox (including Game Pass), PC and PS5.

The franchise has taken a few years off, at least when it comes to mainline releases. id Software rebooted Doom in 2016 with a fast-paced return to form, which was followed up by an equally metal-like sequel called Doom Eternal in 2020. In fact, this will be the studio's first game since Quake Champions launched in 2022.

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