Elder Scrolls 6's 'Playable' Status May Be Bad News After Starfield

Translate from : Elder Scrolls 6's 'Spilbar' Status Kan Være Dårligt Nyt Efter Starfield
Recent announcements from Bethesda that Elder Scrolls 6 is in a playable state could mean a long wait for release. The excitement is high, but the long development cycle may test the patience of fans.

Bethesda's recent statements that Elder Scrolls 6 is in a playable state could be bad news for the game's release date. The long wait for the game's release may be as long as the timeline for Starfield. Bethesda's decision to announce the game early could lead to a longer wait, which will test the patience of excited fans.

The game's progress remains shrouded in mystery, with high expectations and uncertainty as to when it will finally be released. Originally announced back in 2018 at E3, Elder Scrolls 6 is Bethesda's next big project. But the latest comments from the developer may be bad news for those hoping the game will be released soon.

Anticipation for Elder Scrolls 6 has been evident since the 36-second teaser trailer was revealed back in 2018. Almost six years later, Bethesda has been pretty quiet about the game's progress until recently. In conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the Elder Scrolls, hints were given that Elder Scrolls 6 is in a playable state. The statement claimed: "Last but not least, yes, we are on to the next chapter - Elder Scrolls 6. Even now, when we return to Tamriel and play early buildings, it fills us with the same joy, excitement and promise of fairy tale."

This news was exciting to hear at first, but when you compare it to the development of Bethesda's latest game, Starfield, this may give some insight into the game's release date. The bad news is that this points to a long wait. As exciting as it is to finally get an update from Bethesda, looking at Starfield and its development cycle might give you an idea of when Elder Scrolls 6 will finally be released.

Bethesda confirmed back in 2018 that Starfield was in a playable state. It was five whole years before the game saw the light of day. If Elder Scrolls 6 is on a similar timeline, then that suggests the wait is longer than expected. Looking back at the development of Starfield could be the key to figuring out what release year is being targeted for Elder Scrolls 6.

But if the milestone of being in a playable state is any indication of the game's progress, then it could be until 2029 before Elder Scrolls 6 is released. The five-year gap between the confirmation of Starfield's playable state and release could easily repeat itself with Elder Scrolls 6. There have been almost no significant updates, so there's no way of knowing what the game looks like right now.

The biggest problem facing Elder Scrolls 6 is that Bethesda announced the game way too early. Recent comments from Bruce Nesmith, the former lead designer for Skyrim, claim that Bethesda was too quick to announce Elder Scrolls 6. An interview with Nesmith revealed that Bethesda confirmed the game back in 2018 to meet fan demands, but this decision sees seems to have come back to haunt the studio as the wait now feels longer than ever.

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