Enshrouded rounds one million copies sold

Translate from : Enshrouded runder en million solgte eksemplarer
It is not just Palworld that is currently breaking records. Enshrouded hits one million copies sold in just a few days in Early Access.

Enshrouded, the latest installment from the creators of Portal Knights, has already sold over a million units since launching on Steam Early Access earlier this week, marking a significant milestone for the developers.


This survival game, inspired by Zelda and Valheim, has generated a lot of interest and reaffirms the huge appeal of the genre, especially after the global success that followed Palworld. The team behind Enshrouded, Keen Games, express their gratitude to their fans:

"In just four days, Enshrouded has attracted over a million players. We are completely overwhelmed by its success and the overwhelmingly positive reception. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank all our players. We are thrilled to announce that this is just the beginning for Enshrouded . We look forward to continuing to develop the game with your support to make Enshrouded the best game possible. Once again, a big thank you to everyone."

Keen Games seems to have created something that is truly appreciated by fans of the Survival/RPG genre. Creative Director Antony Christoulakis at Keen Games previously explained the split-world concept of Enshrouded this way:

"We have the upper world, which is still destroyed, but carries the spirit of the beauty of abandoned places. It is post-apocalyptic and inspires us visually. There is still sunshine, but it is also about the hope of creating something new from the ashes of the past, exploring the ruined world, discover the secrets and intrigues of the past, and take the resources to build your own gradually growing home."


It is worth noting that Keen Games has a good history of successful releases, including Portal Knights. This previous game has also enjoyed popularity and praise from fans and has helped establish the developers as reliable creators of entertaining and well-received games.

Enshrouded is now available on Steam Early Access with a temporary discount of 10% for less than two days. A full game release date has yet to be announced, but is expected within the coming year. console versions are also expected to be released around the same time.

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