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KRAFTON has revealed that PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS will switch to Unreal Engine 5 in 2024. Thanks to this upgrade, the game will also now support degradable environments. However, there is no word on whether the game will utilize Lumen or Nanite.

According to the developers, degradable map environments will add a dynamic new layer of strategy and tactics to the game. Players will be able to strategically destroy parts of buildings or erect defensive barricades, open new attack routes or secure areas. These features will be showcased in the upcoming April update, with continuous improvements and expansions planned going forward.

Players can also expect a number of tweaks and improvements to the gameplay. Shooting practice updates are scheduled to be released every two months in order to foster a stable ecosystem and provide players with greater diversity of choices. The game also develops survival-focused items with content for more dynamic actions, as well as refining and expanding special modes for a more relaxed gaming experience.

New gameplay systems and content will also be launched to escalate the excitement and offer fresh challenges. Team vs. the team system will allow players to team up with teammates to compete for points against an opposing team, with rewards available for achieving team-winning swarms.

Finally, KRAFTON promises matchmaking improvements and improvements to the anti-cheat system. These will be coming to PUBG: Battlegrounds later this year once the game is switched to UE5.

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