Fallout 4 update is ready for Amazon's series

Translate from : Fallout 4 opdatering er klar til Amazons serie
The long-awaited 'next-gen' version of Fallout 4 launches on April 25, with additional content for all players. Free upgrade, new stability, mods, bug fixes and available on Epic Games Store and Steam.

The long-awaited "next-gen" version of Fallout 4 launches on April 25, coinciding with the renewed interest and critical acclaim that the new Fallout TV series on Amazon Prime Video has received. This update will also be accompanied by additional content for all players, giving the nine-year-old game a refresh just when many want to return.

The free upgrade, announced by Bethesda Game Studios on Thursday, makes Fallout 4 a native application on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and gives users the option to choose between a performance or a quality mode that either increases the image resolution or the playability to 60 frames per second.

PC players with Fallout 4 versions through Steam, Microsoft Store, and GOG will get a title update that delivers stability, modifications, and bug fixes. A title update for the PS4 and Xbox One versions also brings stability improvements as well as login and quest fixes.

As part of the general modernization of the game, Fallout 4 will be available on the Epic Games Store on April 25, and it will also be Steam Deck verified. The content update is available to all players and comes from the Creation Club, an online mod shop for the game that Bethesda launched in 2017. This includes: - New weapons and armor - New quests and adventures - Improved graphical effects - Interesting characters and settlements - And much more!

This is the latest wave of content updates and moves to capture renewed interest in the franchise following the premiere of the TV series. The latest game in the series, the live service multiplayer RPG Fallout 76, is free for Amazon Prime subscribers as a Prime Gaming benefit starting April 11.

Fallout 76 is also free for anyone with an Xbox One or Series X this coming weekend, until April 15th, even if they don't have an Xbox Game Pass Core subscription that allows access to multiplayer.

And not to be forgotten, mobile players enjoying Fallout Shelter will see characters from the series in their Vaults, including Lucy and The Ghoul, as well as themes, weapons and outfits from the series.

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