Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo for PS5

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
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The latest State of Play by PlayStation reveals exciting details about the highly anticipated game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Try the new demo now on PS5. Release date February 29.

During their latest State of Play presentation, PlayStation gave fans of the highly anticipated game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, a glimpse of what to expect. Publisher Square Enix did this by providing insight into the game's mechanics, story and immersive world. During the presentation, Square Enix unveiled an exciting piece of news, namely the availability of a playable demo for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on PS5.

This demo allows players to dive into a flashback section centered around the Nibelheim incident. This part of the game allows players to step into the shoes of both the iconic protagonist, Cloud Strife, and the fearsome antagonist, Sephiroth. This provides important context to the game's narrative and characters, enhancing the gameplay experience.

An 11-minute gameplay video was also shown during the presentation, highlighting the large and diverse world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Players can expect an expansive world map that includes everything from sprawling cities to towering mountains and lush grasslands. The video demonstrated different ways to move around the world, including vehicles, mounts, and the beloved Chocobos. The gameplay also featured engaging quests and a host of mini-games, such as the deck-building card game, Queen's Blood. The gameplay video also highlighted the game's impressive visuals and detailed facial animations that enhance the narrative experience.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will allow players to choose between performance mode, which prioritizes frame rate, and graphics mode, which prioritizes 4K resolution. This ensures an optimal gaming experience adapted to individual preferences. Square Enix also revealed plans to update the demo before the game's full release later this month. This update introduces the Junun region, which players can freely explore. This update aims to further immerse players in the world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, giving them a glimpse of the game's vast and fascinating universe. The long-awaited demo for the upcoming game is now available for download from the PlayStation Store. The full game is scheduled for release on PS5 on February 29.

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